Ice Dams

Icicles are a common sight during the winter months, but they can actually be a sign of an even bigger problem. This problem is called an ice dam. Ice dams are a major problem associated with ice and snow back up. Ice dams can create water leaks that destroy insulation and cause damage on ceilings and walls. Regardless of the condition of your property, new or old, you can experience serious problems if ice dams occur.

An ice dam usually begins with variable temperatures on your roof. The warm spots melt the snow from the underside of the roof. The water runs down the roof until it hits a cold part which is usually on the edge and freezes there. This frozen water results in a dam which can back up under the shingles and leak into your home causing damage.

Other Types of Snow Damage

If roof shingles have been blown off in a windstorm or damaged in a hail storm or other event, then melting snow can leak into the roof and cause the same types of damage that an ice dam can cause. If you have a severe windstorm or hailstorm, be sure to check your roof for damage before the snow starts to fall.

In some areas, large amounts of very wet snow can threaten a roof as well. Older roofs have been known to give way under the weight of very heavy snow that is already wet or that gets rained on in subsequent storms.

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