Don't Toss Your Water-Logged Items - Save Them!

Collaborate with our home restoration experts in Greenfield, Indianapolis, and Central Indiana

The aftermath of a fire or flood can feel devastating, but you might not have lost as much as you think. On Time Restoration, LLC offers personal property restoration services to help you recover and restore as many of your belongings as possible. You won't have to throw out all your belongings items with our home restoration team in Indianapolis, IN on the job.

We'll make sure everything is properly cleaned and sanitized before we return your items. Don't scrap your possessions after a disaster - take advantage of our 24/7 emergency home restoration skills today.

Recover your important assets

You worked hard to establish a successful business, so it can be devastating to have your workplace damaged by a disaster. You won't have to start from scratch when you schedule our commercial restoration services. We'll...

  • Recover your furniture, documents and more
  • Transport everything to our climate-controlled cleaning facility
  • Restore as many of your items to pre-loss condition as possible
  • Inform your insurance carrier of which items need replacing

Start with a free estimate on our commercial restoration services today.