Water Damage

Water damage can not only be devastating but permanent if not tended to right away; it can cause week points and decay in your ceilings and floors. If excessive water comes into contact with electricity it can cause fires and electrical shortages.

At times, homeowners think they can take care of any problem after experiencing flooding, broken pipes, or sewage backup themselves, by simply cleaning up the mess. But because there could be hidden damage that continues after the surface water or sewage is gone, it is important to bring in a professional.

Let Our Professionals Help You

Our professionals at On Time Restoration, LLC will evaluate your water damage, and can remove and drain water with our professional equipment. In the event of an emergency, our 24 hour response service will answer to your calls right away- no answering machines, no waiting. No matter the severity of the damage On Time Restoration can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Things you should know about water damage:

  • In the event of water damage be sure to remove all of your furniture to a dry area prior to cleaning it out, especially things that do not have any damage.
  • Dry all of your things as soon as possible; it only takes a day or two for mold to start forming.
  • If possible turn off the electricity to avoid further damage.
  • Any water damage can truly make a mess, such as if a flood that pours water into your basement, broken pipes spray water everywhere, or you have a sewage backup. When it comes to water damage, leave it to the experts at On Time Restoration to clean up the job the right way. We don't miss a thing.